Let Me Tell You a Story #4: The Road Not Taken

Or, in this case, the bike path.

Usually, I run about 5K.  Just at the halfway point, the bike path splits into two branches.  When I do run farther, I’ve always taken the left path, which veers away from the road to skirt some farmland.  Quite a pretty run.

But…I did wonder what lay in the other direction.  So today, I went right.

I was hoping, because I’d ignored this path for so long, it would be something magical.  You can get to Narnia through a wardrobe and to London Below from any number of twists and corners, if only you know where to look.

Okay, I wasn’t really hoping that.  But it would have been neat to fall down a rabbit-hole or something.

Failing magical, I would have been happy with scenic.  But two scenic paths were apparently too much to ask.

After a hundred yards and two right-angle turns, I found myself…in a perfectly ordinary neighborhood.  The wide black-asphalt path narrowed suddenly and turned into a white-concrete sidewalk, bland, and (dare I say it) pedestrian.  Houses stood on either side of the street with bright flowers in their window boxes and front gardens.  People mowed their lawns.  Kids drew on their driveways with chalk.

I turned around and started back, oddly disappointed.  The grass wasn’t greener there.  I’d been picking the better path all along.

Friday, I’ll run even farther into the farmland, and hope I don’t run into the Children of the Corn.

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