Time to Rest and Recharge

One of the most-quoted motivational tips I’ve seen for writers is to write every day.  (Or in my case, rewrite/edit/revise…which absolutely counts.)

Since I’ve taken this to heart, I won’t say I’ve never missed a day, because I have.  As one example, it’s difficult to write effectively when you’re stuck in bed with a fever of 102.  Not impossible, of course, and my fever dreams would have made for some great alternate-universe ideas, if only I could remember them.  But I didn’t get anything useful done those two days, and I didn’t beat myself up over it.

Today…today I would rather be doing anything else.  I sat down to write and remembered an embroidery project I’ve been meaning to start–it’s meant to be someone’s Christmas present, but I’ve done the last-minute crafting thing before, so I really should get on it early.  I’ve been browsing dessert recipes on Pinterest because I’ve been seized by a maddening urge to bake–right now I’m leaning towards either chai-spiced baked doughnuts, because I’ve only used my doughnut pan once since I got it as a gift, and that’s a shame; or dark chocolate shortbread, because, well, dark chocolate shortbread.  My mouth’s watering just typing those three words together.

I want to go to the zoo.  Though that’s usually true, I adore zoos.  I want to go swimming…I just wish there was somewhere I could.  I want to hike up a mountain (nope, none of those handy) or start binge-watching a new show on Netflix.

I don’t want to write.

Now, I have written today–a drabble for my daily prompt, and this post.  Which isn’t nothing.  And I’ll be a diligent writer and go plunk three sentences onto my current project which after a week of going so well is now driving me bonkers I am devoted to and fully intend to keep working on tomorrow.

It’s okay to take time to do other things.  And yes, I’m saying that to myself as much as to anyone else.  Give yourself a break.


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