Let Me Tell You a Story #10: Library Blues

I’d planned to return my last two library books this morning, first errand out of the gate before the grocery and the laundry and all of the other things I hope to get done today.  But I made the mistake of checking my account to make sure I hadn’t forgotten a book (no overdue charges for me, please!) and I saw one of my hold requests marked as “In Transit.”

I have delayed all my errands to sit home and write and wait for “In Transit” to become “Ready for Pickup.”  Because last time I hit the library first, I got the call two hours after I got home, and I didn’t have a chance to go back for three days.

Three days knowing there was a book I desperately wanted to read waiting for me…torture.

On the upside, I have the next part of Grace and the Greek Warrior all ready to go for tomorrow.  Writing has always been a good way for me to channel my crippling impatience.


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