Book Haul Brag Time


If you’re wondering where this week’s Writing Prompt Roundup is…I took the week off doing prompts.  I need to be spending more time editing.

But I have new (old) books to show off instead!  A few days ago I hit the book-sale room at my local library (left stack) and the $1/bag sale at a thrift shop (right stack).  I actually spent $2 at the thrift shop, but these were the only books–the rest was clothing.  (I actually forgot to check the shoes, what if I missed cute shoes?)


Not pictured in this stack are a Tom Clancy paperback and a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird…they’ve already gone home with my mother, who was with me.  There was still room in my bag, so there was no sense in making her buy her own–they were essentially free!  The real steal for me in this stack, though, is a hardcover Sharon Shinn book I don’t already own (one of the few, I might add, she’s my favorite author.)


The thrift store had a lot of old, battered paperbacks, but since I have a friend who drops Elmore Leonard’s name into at least half of our conversations about books and writing, I was pleased to pick up two of his works.  And the only Heinlein I’ve read is Starship Troopers, which I enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to Stranger in a Strange Land too.  Though I’ve been warned that the prose in it is bloated compared to Troopers, which was short and snappy.  Still, classic sci-fi is one of my jams.

When I got everything home, though, I discovered a few surprises inside the books, which is part of the fun of shopping used…


Inside Dreamland, a coupon for rue21 from spring 2013.  I’ve used stranger things as bookmarks, so no harm there.


Inside The Dragons of Eden, a picture of a little girl, dated on the back “Oct. 4, 1981.”  She’s too old to be me, or I might wonder if I just stumbled onto some sort of “I found a picture of myself in a book I’ve never owned” AU.  Tumblr fic writers, get on that one.


But my favorite find, in General Winston’s Daughter, was this post-it note.  It says “This book as a Rudy ending”…though having finished this one already since I got it, I see absolutely no relationship between the ending of the book, and the ending of Rudy,  because General Winston’s daughter definitely does not get to play in the big game and get carried off the field by her teammates.  Nope, there isn’t even any football!

And if the author of that note didn’t like the end and meant to say “cruddy”…well, they spelled it wrong.

I’m going away on a little trip this weekend, and I have so many books to choose from…I think I’ll take Dreamland with me.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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