My Five Favorite Authors

Because you’re all dying to know, right?

This list betrays my love of fantasy, and doesn’t even begin to cover the contents of my shelves.

1) Sharon Shinn.  Angels.  Mystics.  Soldiers and scientists.  Sharon Shinn creates fully-realized worlds with vibrant characters, and her novels wrestle with weighty topics–religion, xenophobia, and biological warfare are a few examples.  But the larger issues are always explored through the lens of a love story.  My latest read of hers, General Winston’s Daughter, concerns a young woman falling out of love with one man and in love with another while living in occupied territory her home nation has conquered; she struggles with the consequences of her personal life while contending with the consequences of her country’s choices and how they change her course moving forward.  Who says romances have to be fluffy?

2) Neil Gaiman. Sometimes I want to take a tour of his brain to see what it looks like in there.  NeverwhereStardust.  I like weird, and he delivers on weird wonderfully.


4) Jacqueline Carey. Alternate-history political intrigue with BDSM-flavored romance?  Yes, please.

5) Guy Gavriel KayMy first introduction to his work was a battered Tigana paperback I got on a whim from a used bookstore.  I was hooked.  I’ve read it at least a dozen times since then, and a few others besides, though most of his catalog is on my to-read list.  But my library request list will help me tackle that…

Anyone have any recommendations for me based on this?  Books of theirs I should read if I haven’t, or other authors I might want to try?  I’d love to hear them.


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