It comes from everywhere.

A friend recently introduced me to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.  Between that and this Library Gothic AU post, I’m starting to daydream about a haunted library, and the odd happenings that might go on inside.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.

I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy over the weekend, and Rocket’s interactions with Groot reminded me how I always thought it was fun that in the Star Wars movies, everyone eventually interacted with R2D2 like they could understand him even without C3PO there to translate.  And of course Han always understood Chewbacca.  So I want to play with having two characters speaking different languages or even having entirely different modes of communication, but they understand each other anyway.  Nothing fully formed, just something to graft onto another suitable idea.

And in Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones video game (could I use “game” more in that phrase?), I’ve been impressed with the quality of writing in Asher and Beshka’s relationship.  Honestly, the writing is just impressive all-around, but I love to see a male/female best-friend, comrade-in-arms relationship without the slightest hint of romantic or sexual tension.  They’re just friends.  Really!  And that’s okay!  I want to see more of that, which means I want to write that.  I’m kicking ideas around my brain about working that into my half-formed rock-n-roll band plot bunny.  The one I’ve been sitting on for months while I edit my $*&^%*^*&^ novel.

No, seriously, it’s going well, but I’m ready to be done with this draft.  Copy editing is tedious, but necessary.

Until then, my blurbs will stay blurbs, and the ideas will pile up.  It gives them time to simmer and marinate and bubble into new configurations.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, so keep your eyes open.



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