An Inventory of My Desk

One writing exercise I’ve seen repeatedly is to list the things in a character’s purse or backpack, in their closet, or on their desk.  I thought it would be fun to do to myself.

And no, I didn’t clean off my desk first.

  • My computer monitor and the three cookbooks it sits on to bring it to a comfortable height
  • Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • Mouse, mouse pad, and wrist rest
  • My digital camera, which lives next to my monitor so I don’t lose track of it for weeks like I did that one time…
  • A GoT Stark family-crest coaster (Winter is coming!)
  • A mug of tea (Adagio White Peony, this morning)
  • Several scraps of paper with jotted notes about new ideas or additions to current projects, waiting to be transcribed
  • Two library checkout receipts with the books I’ve already returned crossed out
  • Three hair elastics
  • Four bobby pins
  • One tube of lip balm (Burt’s Bees peppermint)
  • One tiny jar candle (sugar cookie scent, unlit at the moment)
  • A small, handmade (by me) travel notebook
  • A Groot bobblehead and a BMO figurine (They’d be friends in a GotG/Adventure Time crossover, right? I think they would.)
  • And finally, a handwritten note card with words and expressions to cut during editing the novel, mostly filler and filter words like just, so, had to, and my narrow-focus crutch phrase for a moment.  Didn’t realize I still had that, it was buried under the mountain of scraps!

What’s on your desk?


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