The Plan

I gave my beta readers until the end of the month to read the latest draft of my novel and get back to me.  So far, so good, I’ve heard from a few of them and I’m feeling pretty confident.  So it’s time to lay out the plan.

Plan A is simple: if I get enough feedback involving plot holes and character issues and “Why did you have this happen?” and “Wouldn’t X do Z here instead of Y?” then…it’s time for another rewrite.  I’m crossing my fingers this won’t happen, based on what I’ve heard so far.

Plan B is much less simple.  It involves, in roughly this order:

  • The final-serious-holy-moly-I-need-to-get-this-perfect proofreading edit.
  • Researching and deciding on trim size options for the print edition.
  • Formatting according to said trim size, and formatting for the e-book.
  • Armed with the knowledge of how many pages my book will be, then I can hire someone to design my cover.  (This one’s a nail-biter for me because I really, really can’t do it myself.  The ones I’ve played around with look amateur and terrible, because they are.)
  • Actually publishing the damn book.

Aha!  But there also needs to be marketing happening in the meantime, or no one’s going to buy this thing, right?  So I need to:

  • Write a synopsis/back-cover-blurb.  This, along with the title, is the first thing I plan to reveal.  And yes, I have a final title.  If it doesn’t go into another rewrite.  Also I’m going to need it for the cover!
  • Reveal the cover, once I have it.  (More nail-biting.)
  • Look into getting ARCs to people willing to review for me?  I haven’t really researched that yet.  (Open to suggestions.)
  • Probably offer the first chapter on the blog.
  • Run some kind of contest to win copies?  People love contests.

When I write it all down like that, it seems intimidating again.

Manatees make me feel better, though.  They’re so adorable.


2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Good luck with your feedback from beta readers. How many do you use and how did you find them, if you don’t mind my asking? By the way, that is an adorable manatee photo. Is it just me or do manatees look super prehistoric? Same goes for pelicans.

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    1. For my first round of beta reading a few months ago, I asked ten people, seven of whom agreed and three who actually came through. For this one I asked eight (with only one overlap from the first set), they all agreed, and I’ve heard from four of them already, with several days still to go. Which is why I feel like it’s going so well! Both sets of readers were drawn from a mix of friends, and writing colleagues I’ve “met” various places online.

      I’d never considered manatees looking prehistoric, but I see what you mean. What I always think of is sharks. They’ve continued on basically unchanged for millions and millions of years! (If I remember my science right, at least.)

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