I Write Books, But I Also Make Them

Though I actually haven’t done any bookbinding in several years, I’m beginning to want to again.

On a whim one summer I taught myself Coptic Stitch bookbinding.  (I even remember which tutorial I used!)  I made about a dozen small notebooks over the course of a few weeks, and gave at least half of them away to my friends and family as Christmas presents.

I still have a few, though, and one is in regular use as my travel notebook, that I take with me to write Out and About blog entries, jot down notes, make lists…basically my portable writing brain.  And I thought it was worth showing off.

(Apologies for the poor lighting, we’ve been shrouded by clouds all week.)


Here it is.  The covers are cardboard covered with fabric I salvaged from a thrift-store sundress.  (I couldn’t resist the stripes.)  You can see I didn’t glue my corners down very well, and the constant use has them fraying some.  Beginner’s mistake.IMG_1940

The actual stitching.  This was probably the fourth or fifth book I made, so I started experimenting with different stitch placements.  I like the triple lines better than evenly-spaced ones.  That, and the fabric pattern, is why this is one of the ones I kept for myself.


The inside covers are cut from yoga magazine pages.  I’d gotten a free subscription, and I read them, but I didn’t feel the need to keep them…and I didn’t have much in the way of pretty paper.  I should have used something thicker, though, because you can see the edges of the fabric underneath.IMG_1947

My scratchy handwriting.  I do wish the book was a little bigger, but cutting regular notebook paper in half vertically to use for the folios meant I wasn’t wasting anything but the torn edge where it came out of its original binding.  If I ever get more serious about making new books, I should invest in better paper…but I still love this little guy.

And since I keep seeing gorgeous handmade journals on Tumblr…well, I’m feeling that itch again.

3 thoughts on “I Write Books, But I Also Make Them

      1. It’s great to be an enabler of crafts! I am considering trying again just because I want to get into cosplaying and all the costumes I could buy are poor quality for a lot of money. I guess I am just going to have to learn how to do it myself!


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