Five Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Fall.  Real fall weather, not this week of highs in the high 80’s like it’s still summer.  (Yeah, calendar, I know, it still is.  Shut up.  I want my sweaters.)
  2. Everything pumpkin related.  I made the week’s meal plan today, and despite the heat, tomorrow’s dinner is pumpkin-chicken curry.  With coconut milk.  Pretty soon I’ll get to bust out the pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe.  Mmmmm.
  3. The proofreading edit of my novel.  Strange thing to look forward to, right?  But the verdict is (mostly) in from my beta readers, and the characters need a few tiny tweaks, and then it’s off to hunt for typos.  Don’t fret–I know it’s dangerous to go alone.  I won’t be alone.
  4. New episodes of Steven Universe.  Connie’s the best.  Or maybe Garnet is.  I go back and forth on that one.
  5. Is it too soon to be looking forward to Christmas?  I’ve already started my present list, both for myself, and things I want to get for my family.  I let that stuff sneak up on me too often, so this year, I’m trying to get ahead!

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