Do You Need a Break?

I’ll be honest…I had a rough weekend.  I’m phoning it in today, guys.  It’s Labor Day, and while I don’t usually get “holidays” off work, I did this time.

It was so rough I took the weekend off writing.  Yep, no new words added to the WIP, though I did spend some time chatting with a few of my beta readers, finishing up the feedback cycle.  I had planned to dive into the last nitpicking edits today to change things, then spend this week (and probably part of the next) doing the final read-it-out-loud edit to catch every. single. mistake.

I’m tired.  I’ve been pushing myself really hard.  I’ve got chores to catch up on and groceries to buy.  I know I just outed myself as a “Write Every Day” writer a while back, but whether you subscribe to that piece of advice or not, it’s important to know your limits, and recognize when your brain or your body is fighting you on them.

Today, once the chores are done, I’m going to relax.  I’m going to read.  I’m even going to play video games, a hobby of mine that has virtually ceased to exist since I started getting serious about making writing my career instead of a pastime.  (Which is good, probably, but I do miss them.  Remember when I was blogging about Dark Souls?  Yeah, I haven’t found time to play it since.  Oops.)

I encourage everyone who has a holiday today to make the most of it.  Be nice to yourself.  Chill.  And if that’s not you, then do it soon.  Then next time you have a day off work, just relax.  Do fun things.  Unwind.


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