Big News!

I’m finally ready to announce my title and let everyone know what The Novel is all about!

I haven’t set a release date yet, because I’m still researching cover design possibilities and still working on the final copy-edit and formatting issues.

But I have a title, and I have a blurb.

As soon as anything else gets decided, I’ll be sure to shout that from the rooftops too!

(Do I need a newsletter?  Maybe I need a newsletter.  Marketing is still a bit intimidating.)


After the plague, the world became a web of silent roads stretching between empty towns.

Paul discovered he had a knack for living on the move, finding supplies and trading them with other survivors, never staying long in one place, or with one person.  But he wanted to.  Life would be easier with someone to watch his back.

Nina found her own way to survive in the ruined world, but the choices she made left her guarded and mistrustful.  Not a woman likely to care for a handsome stranger who falls in with her group of survivors.

Attraction can be ignored, and trust has to be earned.  But the days spent searching for food and shelter, and the nights spent keeping watch, don’t satisfy their truest need…

Each other.

When danger is never far away, is love a luxury they can’t afford?  What We Need to Survive captures the tension, fear, and hope of two people struggling to build a new way of life from the leftovers of the old, deciding what to hold on to, and what to leave behind.

Does this make you want to read it?  Because I really, really want people to want to read it.  Let’s get this hype train out of the station!

(In all seriousness, at this point, I’m a nervous wreck.  I believe in my ability and in my story, but the journey from finished manuscript to self-published hopefully-not-just-a-vanity-project is fraught with unknowns.  I’m learning as I go.  So yes, I could use some validation and encouragement.  If it sounds like you might want to read this novel, be a darling and leave me a comment.  If you know someone else who might be interested, point them my way.  Independent authors thrive on word-of-mouth.  I’ll work that much harder if I know someone out there is waiting for me to make this happen.)


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