Let Me Tell You a Story #15: Formatting Bites

My draft has been through so many different programs (Open Office Writer, Quoll Writer, Google Docs, and then back to OOW) that the paragraph indents are all effed up.  I can get the line spacing and justification to transfer just fine–though the font magically switches from Times New Roman to Calibri, which is bizarre–but blast those missing paragraph indents.  I have to go through and add them all back in manually.

And the template is set with Garamond as the font, because that’s apparently what most books use…but I was like that looks like Times New Roman to me.  Because it was.  Because I don’t actually have Garamond installed.  And while I could download it for free from numerous legitimate sources, they’re all under noncommercial license.  And using it in formatting my book for publication is definitely not noncommercial.

So for the moment I’m using Gentium Book Basic, though that may not survive test pages–it seems a bit heavy, though that may be a function of my line spacing as well.  Palatino shows up on a lot of the most-popular lists, and I have that too, so we’ll see.

In Quoll Writer, I wrote (rewrote) using Yu Gothic Light.  Not going to print the book in that, though…


I will make this perfect.  I will make this perfect.  This is giving me another chance to spot typos.  I will make this perfect.

(face-smash keyboard in 3… 2… 1…)


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