Editing Notes: Things I’ve Learned During Proofreading

(I know, I know, proofreading =/= editing, but Editing Notes is already a post series!)

  • I’ve been doing ellipses wrong.  I just typed “…” throughout every draft.  There are supposed to be spaces in between each period, and in between the preceding and following words.  Though I left off the final space when the ellipsis was followed by an end quotation mark.  It just looked dumb having a space there, especially when that forced the end quotation mark onto the next line. [Status: completely fixed.]
  • My beloved em dashes auto-formatted in Open Office Writer from double hyphens, but not in Quoll Writer or Google Docs.  So whenever I added one during editing, it remained a double hyphen and needed to be manually changed to an em dash.  [Status: completely fixed.]
  • Speaking of troublesome auto-formatting issues, I didn’t notice until about twelve chapters in that not all my quotation marks matched.  Again, they automatically became directional marks in OOW and remained uniform if I added/changed them in QW/GD.  So now I have to find all the standard ones and replace them.  [Status: 4/41 chapters complete.  This one’s going to take me a while.]

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