Writer Goals

  1.  Once What We Need to Survive is available for sale, I would like to sell enough by the time I release the next book (whenever that ends up being!) to break even on the investment in the cover design.  Which is a pretty modest goal.  Profit would be nice, but that will come with time.
  2. Fan art.  Saw that one posted on Tumblr and I was all like OMG FAN ART WOULD BE THE BEST.  Or those cool aesthetic edits.  I’d make one myself, but that feels like cheating.  Though I do have one particularly appropriate character-inspiration pic lying around, waiting for me to post it with a quote from the novel during my marketing blitz.
  3. For people to tell me they want more.  Yep.  Ask me what’s going to happen next, so I can smile and shake my head.  It’s going to be so satisfying.  (Okay, yeah, I’m a little bit evil.)
  4. To hear people say, “Oh, my friend read it and recommended it.”  I listen to my friends about books, so I hope everyone else does, too.

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