The End of the Month Wrap-Up: September 2015!

I’ve read twelve books.  A little on the slow side for me, but The Count of Monte Cristo, even abridged, is a weighty tome that I couldn’t plow through in two days like a lot of the YA I’ve been reading.

I bought one book.  It would have been more if I hadn’t gotten The Cold of Death and Coughing right when the main county library was having their big book sale.  I was far too feverish to make the trek, thus, no cheap used books.  (The sales are held quarterly, so I’ll hit the next one in December.)

I’ve been to the library three times, but, like a broken record, I intend to go as soon as I’ve posted this.  Somehow it always works out that way!

I’ve written nothing new, having concentrated all my energies on editing/formatting/ANNOUNCING (!) What We Need to Survive.  Next up: hiring a cover designer.  Soon.  Sooooon.

I successfully completed the book-photo and journal challenges I set myself on Tumblr (the rest of the pictures will be posted Friday) and I’m super-duper proud of myself for managing not to miss any days on either.  Though it wasn’t always easy.  But I was definitely eager to write in my journal every day, and just this morning I decided to give proper bullet journaling a try, because I like lists and I need as much help as I can give myself to stay organized.

I hope everyone’s had a stupendous and productive month, and if you didn’t, then I hope October is better!


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