Five Things I Love About Fall

  1. Bright afternoons with cool breezes.
  2. Digging out my collection of flannel scarves.  I just made another one last week from an old shirt, and I left the pocket on.  So now I have a scarf with a pocket, which is oddly thrilling, for some reason.
  3. Stew for dinner.  I love to cook, but who wants stew in the summer?  Beef stew, posole, pork-and-sweet-potato, cauliflower chowder . . . yummy.
  4. Apples!  I’m fortunate enough to live in apple country, so there’s a zillion varietals to choose from, the quality is good, and the prices tend to be cheap.  I’ve got plans for a few batches of crock-pot apple butter this year, a tradition I’ve neglected for the last few.  (Ever stirred apple butter into your oatmeal?  It’s divine.)
  5. Reading on the couch with blankets.  Simple pleasures are sometimes the best!

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