This Week in Photos #5


I did it, guys.  I posted every day to the book and journal challenges I decided to do in September.

I got a lot of positive feedback, especially on my journal, so while I’m not going to do them every day (it was difficult to find the time some days!) I will post them from time to time, when a topic strikes my fancy.

I still haven’t finished that doodle page in my art journal, but I cleaned out my Important Stuff Drawer and collected all my pens into a glass to sit on my desk–and the gel pen sets my mother always puts in my stocking (yes we still do stockings for Christmas shut up!) include red, green, and blue pens that I never use because all my teachers in high school insisted on black ink for everything.  So now I’m thinking I want to do a black-and-red doodle.  Which means I need to finish the black one.  Sooooooon.  (And I will show it off when it’s done.)

And with that, I wrap up the This Week in Photos series.  For now, at least.  Have a good weekend, everyone!


6 thoughts on “This Week in Photos #5

  1. We still do stockings for Christmas, too. Because they’re the best. 🙂

    I love your journal, and I think it’s amazing that you managed to work on it everyday. I’m thinking that with the new year, I might try to keep one. It won’t be an everyday sort of thing, But I definitely want to try.

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