Let Me Tell You a Story #16: Technology is Wonderful

Except for my camera, apparently.

I tried and tried to get a cute picture of me in my favorite jeans and fuzzy socks, sitting on my couch reading something on my new (and already much-beloved) Kindle Fire.

But the light in here is terrible today because of the rain, and all I got were fuzzy snaps of the bright screen and indiscernible darkness beyond it.  I mean, my jeans are dark and my couch is pretty dark, but my socks are bright, I figured they’d show up at least!


And rather than wait until I could get a good picture, which honestly may never happen (the prevalence of cute book/e-reader pics on my Tumblr may have misled me into thinking they were easy to take), I wanted to share my thoughts on e-readers anyway.

I will never, ever, ever give up on print books.  I’m going an extra mile (or two or six or twenty) with my novel to get it printed, because it means that much to me to have a copy on my shelves, and copies I can sign and physically hand to people.

But man, e-readers are sweet.

I don’t have many e-books on my account, I’m sure, compared to others–some free stuff I’ve picked up through Project Gutenburg, a few things for free from Amazon or author sales, and a few I’ve actually paid for because I took a chance on independent authors whose books I couldn’t get any other way (hurray!)–but the first time I was lying in bed and finished the book I was reading, and then didn’t have to get out of bed to start a new one, that felt amazing.

Lazy, but amazing.

My library has an e-book lending system, so once the weather turns and I don’t want to brave blizzards for new books, I’ll definitely be looking into that.

I’m glad I didn’t take the plunge and get one when they were brand new and shiny and prohibitively expensive, but I’m thrilled to have one now, and I almost can’t wait for my next vacation so I can load up on things I haven’t read yet without stuffing a tote bag full of hardcovers.

It’s going to be awesome.


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