As in, I made some!  I needed a little light crafting, just a small project I could finish in an afternoon, because my fingers were feeling that itch but I wasn’t motivated enough to work on The Embroidery Project of Doom.  Which should be finished by Christmas, and probably won’t be.  (sigh)

I made these three following this tutorial, though the cards I was working with were smaller, so mine have fewer cuts.


These four are just scraps of fancy Japanese origami paper glued to card stock. The lighting doesn’t pick it up well, but they all have subtle gilding or light flocking in the patterns.


And these are bits of cards cut apart and glued back together in bookmark-shape. (I have a family member who’s obsessed with pretty stationery and paper, and she often gives one or both to me for Christmas.  I never actually use the stationery, because I’m not a diligent card-sender…so I’m happy I got to use some up to make these!)

Now, of course, I have more bookmarks than I need for myself, but they’d make great extras for giveaways, don’t you agree?  (/wink)


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