NaNoWriMo Prep #2: Clear the Decks

Are there things I need to get done before NaNo?  Absolutely!  So October, in addition to prepping for the writing itself, is being devoted to:

  • Getting my living space in a clean condition that will be easy to maintain.  No big cleaning projects slated for November; I’ll get them all done now, instead.
  • Working some video games out of my queue.  I’m caught up with Life is Strange, though the final episode is being released next week AND I MUST PLAY IT IMMEDIATELY UPON ITS RELEASE OH MY GOD THE SUSPENSE IS DRIVING ME MAD.  Also, I’m a chapter behind on Tales from the Borderlands, which will also wrap up before the end of the month, if I remember my release dates properly.  And the final chapter of Game of Thrones (the game, the game, not the books!) should be coming out just after that–that one, I am caught up on.  (You can see I’ve kind of got a thing for narrative adventure games.  I did pick up the new Minecraft story game, but…that’s going to wait until after NaNo, I think.)
  • Food.  The bulk of my dinner leftovers from now until November are getting frozen for easy meals when I need the extra writing time.  I’m not going to abandon cooking altogether during November–I would never, I love to cook!–but it can get frustrating to be in a writing groove, glance at the clock, and realize I should have started dinner twenty minutes ago.  (And believe me, that’s happened.  Often.)

My bullet journal has been a great help so far keeping me on task–I’ve only been using this method for two weeks, but I’m staying on top of all the little things I sometimes forget to do, and since it’s going so well, I’m sneaking in extra tasks to help me get ready for NaNo, when it’s going to be write, write, write!


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