NaNoWriMo Prep #3: I Went Shopping

IMG_2145I have a single tiny jar candle on my computer desk, about the size of a votive candle, and I hardly ever burn it.  I used to be waaaaaaay more into scented candles than I am now–I had dozens in high school then gave up them when I couldn’t take them to college with me, as they were a fire hazard in the dorms.  (Not that some people didn’t have them anyway, of course, but I didn’t.)

But I decided it would be nice to have one going while I write, and I knew my little Sugar Cookie candle wouldn’t last the whole month.  Also, this happened.  So, off to Yankee Candle I went, since I was going to the mall yesterday anyway.

As my mother (my most faithful and wonderful shopping companion) and I were entering the store, two ladies were leaving, and they both had slips of paper in their hands.  “We didn’t end up using these coupons, would you like them?”

The coupons were for $10 off any purchase, no minimum.  Score!  We each took one and thanked our new candle compatriots several times before they left to continue their own shopping adventure.

Then, the in-store sale of the day was a free votive candle with any purchase.  Because, you know, that’s not what I was getting in the first place, or anything.  So I grabbed a basket and started huffing candle scents.

I wasn’t impressed with most of the special fall line this year (only Vanilla Bourbon came home with me), but the winter line was just coming out (hence Cherries on Snow, which amazingly enough does smell like snow, I’m not sure how I feel about this obvious witchcraft.)

Mountain Lodge, as promised, does smell like cuddling with a boyfriend, so of course that went in the basket.

Chocolate Layer Cake was an obvious choice for a chocoholic like me.  Midsummer’s Night was the first Yankee Candle candle scent I ever bought, and still one of my favorites.  I rounded out my collection with Midnight Jasmine (third favorite floral behind lilacs and honeysuckle) and Balsam & Cedar, which will be nice at the tail end of November when it’s really more winter around here than fall.

Though I heard today that an early winter is predicted, and since it snowed for about thirty seconds yesterday (it really did, my coat is black and I could see the snowflakes) I can’t say I’m surprised.  Summer was over about two weeks ago and now winter is knocking on the door.

Anyway, my NaNoCandles are ready.  Let’s hope my story is!

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Prep #3: I Went Shopping

  1. I love scented candles. I never thought of lighting them to aid in the writing process. I just ran out so I’m putting it on my shopping list. I feel like Nano prep is like prepping to lock yourself in for a month sometimes. Maybe that’s what it actually is :S


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