One Hundred!

This is my hundredth post!  I haven’t missed a (week)day since I began this blog in June.  Let me just strain my shoulder patting myself on the back…

But, realistically, during NaNoWriMo I doubt I will be posting five times a week.  I love my blog and my readers and all the likes and comments and fun little conversations…but I’ve got a first novel to publish, and the second novel to blitz-write.

So I will aim for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  And I’d already decided to limit my word-count bragging (here, anyway) to once a week.  As excited as I am to be participating, I don’t want this blog to be nothing but NaNo for the entire month of November.

Tomorrow will be the End of the Month Wrap-Up, since it falls over the weekend.  And by Monday I’ll be working on the new novel!

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