The NaNoWriMo Progress Report, Week 1

Full steam ahead!  My word counts for each day:

  • Sunday: 3170
  • Monday: 1763
  • Tuesday: 2391
  • Wednesday: 3679
  • Thursday: 1888
  • Friday: 1705

Total as of this post: 14596.  (I may write more this afternoon if I find some extra time, like squeezing in a sprint or two while the dishes are soaking.)

As you can see, I’m ahead of the curve (1667 words a day for 50K at the end); par for today is 10K on the nose.  But I’m setting myself daily goals of 2K, 2500, or 3K when I think I’ll have enough time, and the bare minimum 1667 when I’m afraid I won’t, like today.  (But I made it!)

Since I broke a cardinal piece of NaNo advice by continuing a previously-started project, I’m actually at 38K for the whole thing.  The reasoning (which is solid, most of the time) is that reviving an old project carries too much emotional expectation with it, and/or that there’s a reason you didn’t finish it in the first place.

In my case, the reason I didn’t finish it is because I put it on hold to work on publishing something else, not because I got stuck or felt disappointed! By the time November 1st came around, I was more than ready to dive back in.

I don’t necessarily think I’ll be done with the entire draft by the end of NaNo.  (My first draft for WWNTS was about 101K before I started hacking it to pieces, so I’m hoping the sequel will be about as long in rough draft form.  Which means I still have 60K to go…we’ll see.)  If it’s not done, I will keep up a NaNo-like pace and devotion until it is.  Being so close to publishing the first book is making me eager to get the second one fully under way!

Whether you’re a NaNoer or not, I hope your own writing has gone well this week, and I’ll be back on Monday!


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