The NaNoWriMo Progress Report, Week 2

This week’s word counts:

  • Saturday: 1769
  • Sunday: 3099
  • Monday: 1738
  • Tuesday: 3109
  • Wednesday: 2202
  • Thursday: 1751
  • Friday: 1875

I had a lot more going on this week that kept me from writing, but because I’m trying to write much more than 50K, the absolute minimum I set myself as a daily word goal is 1667, to keep on track, and even when that’s the goal I still push past 1700 just to squeak out a little extra.  My total word count stands at 30,139 today, when par is  21,666–so I’m happy with those eight thousand extra words.

I already had the beginning of the novel written, and when NaNo started I jumped straight to the end, writing the final five chapters first (though in nearly reverse order, oddly enough.)  Now I’m struggling though the murkily-defined middle, where I knew things had to happen, but I saw the bright light at the end of the novel so clearly, I let myself think far more about plotting that out point for point than I did digging into the squishy guts of the center.

It feels like a slog sometimes, and it feels like I don’t have enough there to support the length of the story I’m aiming for.

Which means I need more conflict!  And here I was, reading something else earlier this week, thinking am I being mean enough to my characters?  Could they be suffering more?

So it’s time to get mean.  (/wink)


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