The NaNoWriMo Progress Report, Week 3

This week’s word counts:

  • Saturday: 1974
  • Sunday: 3463
  • Monday: 1691
  • Tuesday: 2070
  • Wednesday: 3028
  • Thursday: 1788
  • Friday: 1026

Grand total: 45,139.

That 1K today looks so sad compared to my personal NaNo record-setting day on Sunday, but last night, looking at everything I had to get done today, I knew I wouldn’t have much time to write, so I let myself have a light day and set my goal at 500 words.  Then I wrote 1,026 anyway!

I slogged through the hardest, saggiest part of my plot this week, the part I know I didn’t get even remotely right, the part where conflicting ideas about the characters I’d introduced fought for dominance, the part where I realized I never actually described the new characters’ physical appearance beyond gender, and the fact that the woman is pregnant.  I guess I pictured faceless, nondescript mannequins acting out their parts, because they showed up for about 15K of the novel, and I still don’t have any idea what they look like.

Rewriting this section is going to be an absolute devil.  But when I reread it, I’ll be able to stab a plot point with my finger and say, “This is terrible, I should have done this instead!”

…which of course means I’ll know how to fix it.  There’s a lot to be said for getting down the words, even when you know it’s terrible, because it’s easier to fix something bad than get it perfect on the first try.

You know, just in case you need to hear that again.  Get it down, fix it later.


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