Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

word count finished

Picture a snow-bound but sunny Sunday afternoon.  Fuzzy slippers, check.  Scented candle, check. Mug of tea, check.

But the words wouldn’t come.  She writes for an hour and barely manages 800 words.

She goes to Twitter.  Maybe some sprints will help.

The ten-minute sprint gets her to 1200-some words.  The next one is for twenty, and she breaks 1900.

The last is a 1k30min challenge, and she squeezes out 1,147.

She looks at her total for the day, and realizes she’s won.  It’s time to validate her novel!

(I will be continuing to write for the rest of the month, or until this novel draft is finished, whichever comes first, so my progress-report post will still be here for one more Friday.  But news this big wouldn’t wait until then!)


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