The NaNoWriMo Progress Report, Week 4

This week’s word counts:

  • Saturday: 2013
  • Sunday: 3134 (passed the 50K mark to win!)
  • Monday: 1998
  • Tuesday: 1056
  • Wednesday: 2264
  • Thursday: 2254
  • Friday: 1008

Since I’ve “won”, now, I’m being a little kinder to myself with the daily word count goals–Tuesday and today were busy-busy days, so I let myself off with only 1K.

I’m truly in the home stretch with this draft, now, at 82K total (including what I wrote pre-NaNo), with one chapter in progress and two more planned still to write. I could, conceivably, be finished by the end of the month.  I may not be, but it’s a big, shiny goal to shoot for.

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