The End of the Month Wrap-Up: November 2015!


November was the month of NaNo.  I participated, I won, and I came damn close to finishing the entire draft, since I was working on a novel I’d already started.  I’ve got two chapters left, tops, so I’m looking to finish it by the end of the week, and take a short break (or at least, a slow-down) on writing to work on my Christmas shopping, baking, and crafting.

This month I read a LOT less than usual, though I did sneak in four books here and there.  I didn’t acquire any new physical books, just a few ebooks, because I’m still marveling over how much I love having a Kindle.  Also because I have a weakness for free ebooks when authors put them on special.

I have been to the library zero times.  I miss it.  There’s a huge book sale at the main branch in two weeks, so I’ll definitely be going at least to that!

I got everything fully set for my book release (one week from today! OMG!) and started the marketing ball rolling, including whipping up a few guest posts for other blogs.  (Want me to do one for yours?  I’d love to!  Leave a comment and invite me over, I’ll bring tea and cookies.)

My plans for December, beyond all the holiday goodies and the book release, are to read more books by women (thank you, #readwomen) and pull together my notes for the next book into something resembling an outline, so I can get started on that soon.  I always get a lot of writing done over the holidays, once the controlled chaos of getting all the gifts together has passed!

And while we’re not quite to the super-sappiness of the close of the year, when everyone starts thanking everyone…well, I’m going to do it early.  All the support I’ve gotten here on the blog has been wonderful, the thoughtful comments especially, but the likes too!  I love seeing people respond to my work, and it means a lot that you take the time to tell me, even if it’s just jabbing that little Like star.  So, thank you, everyone, whether you’re one of my faithful followers or not, if you take the time to read my words, you’ve made me happy.

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