5 More Prompts to Help You Develop Your Characters: The Holidays Edition


Christmas baking and Christmas crafting and Christmas shopping are all on my mind these days.  (I actually have a batch of cookies in the oven right now, and I’ve got a few things to order this afternoon…)

Not every story needs to feature holiday festivities, and not every setting celebrates Christmas–so if you’re making up your own world and cultures with their own traditions, well, just apply these loosely to your worldbuilding instead.

  1. Does your main character celebrate a winter holiday actively, and if so, which one?
  2. What kind of gift-giver are they?  Gift cards, barely-trying generic presents or well-chosen ones, homemade treats or handmade items?
  3. Who do they celebrate with, and why?  Is there anyone coming the family (or friends) gathering they don’t want to see?  Is anyone likely to cause a scene if someone else says the wrong thing, or something goes wrong?
  4. Is your character’s occupation something likely to make them work on Christmas, or is there another reason they might be away from family?  How do they spend the holiday then–do they celebrate on a different day, call home when they can, or skip the holiday altogether?
  5. What family or childhood traditions might they still keep as an adult? Which new traditions have they introduced since?

Time to go check on the cookies!

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