The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge


I got tagged for this challenge, and I’ll give it a try, because looking over the topics, I can bend most of them towards writerly-ness.  I am going to break the rule about nominating other bloggers, though, because Christmas is such a busy time for lots of us, and it’s already the 11th.  So if you see this and you want to join in, go for it, but I’m not calling anyone out.

So, my favorite things about Christmas.  That’s easy!  Cookies, cookies, cookies, presents, cookies, and having some down time to write–but that one needs a little explaining.

My household celebrates Christmas twice–once with one side of the family, and once with the other, since it would be one hell of a production to get everyone in the same place at the same time.  So Second Xmas is actually a vacation, and since my sleep schedule is Super Early Bird, I have hours and hours to plug away on whatever project I’ve got going while everyone else is asleep.

Sure, I go to bed way earlier, so I miss out on late-night TV mocking, which is a blast when I do get to do it, so that’s not ideal–but I get so much writing done, like it’s really a personal writing retreat for the first half of the day, then family vacation the rest.  Best of both worlds!


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