The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogging, Day 3


My favorite Christmas food?  You mean I have to pick just one?

My family’s traditional Christmas dinner is a lot like our Thanksgiving dinner, but (usually) with ham instead of turkey.  Some years, we still want more turkey!  But the sides are pretty much the same, because who can argue with rolls and mashed potatoes and all that.

Dessert changes every year, though, because that’s the course I’m responsible for.  We’ve had cheesecakes, we’ve had pies, one year we even had proper figgy puddings. This year, my dad requested scones and clotted cream, because he and my mother took a trip to England a few years ago and fell in love with cream tea.

Once upon a time, the same thing happened to me when I went to England, so I had a faux clotted cream recipe saved, but that was two hard drive catastrophes ago, so I’ll have to research a new one.  (All I remember was that it involved mascarpone cheese, and the poking around I’ve done over the last few days has turned up some cream-cheese based recipes, so I’m not worried.)

But that’s on the other side of the cookie baking I still have to do. I’m a little heart-broken today–I went to make a batch of peppermint spritz, and after pressing out the first four cookies, my cookie press broke!  The coupling ring that holds the press plate in place cracked and green-dyed dough started spilling out.  (I rescued the dough and rolled them into balls to bake, but that’s not nearly as pretty.) I’ll just have to ask Santa for a new one.  Spritz are just behind sugar cookies on my Christmas favorites list!

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