The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogging, Day 8


Share a local Christmas tradition in your town or country.

I have family traditions, and I guess I have American traditions–rampant capitalism being a big one.  But I’m struggling to think of any local things.  There’s a WinterFest-type event (that might even be the name of it, I can’t remember) that I’ve never been to, but I feel like that’s in January and not Christmas-related.

I’m sure at least some of the local churches have Christmas plays or pageants, but again, I haven’t been to any, and it’s not a town-wide tradition.

This is really making me sound like a stay-at-home stick in the mud, but my holidays are completely eaten up by getting ready for, and then having, two separate family Christmases.  Which I wouldn’t give up for anything, don’t get me wrong, I need that vacation for the second one.

So the “local” tradition that I associate with second-Christmas is actually a New Year’s Eve tradition.  There’s a big party downtown with a ball drop and beer and hot chocolate and everything, and we all bundle up and go stand in the cold for an hour or two with everyone else in town until the fireworks go off at midnight.  I’ve only missed one year in the four or five our family’s been going–I was too sick to brave the frigid night air.

And this year, I get to stand under the fireworks a published author, which was only a resolution last year.  So I’m looking forward to it.

And, of course, to my midnight kiss.  Because that’s a fantastic tradition!


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