The State of the TBR Pile


My unread-book tower isn’t as tall as I am yet!  There’s still hope!

(For reference, I’m 5’5″, and the tower is 4’2″.)

Rather than list all the books here, for the curious (and for my own sanity as I try to read them) I’ve made a shelf for them on Goodreads.

I’ve got three reading challenges I’m going to try for 2016 (more on that next week), and my plan is to shop my shelves as much as possible to work this pile down a bit.

Also, if I don’t read some of these, then it will be a lot harder to justify bringing home two bags of books from the next quarterly library sale in the spring!


2 thoughts on “The State of the TBR Pile

  1. Bahahaha, that’s a fine standing armrest you’ve got there, Elena. I’m curious about the three reading challenges you’ve got coming up in 2016, and I support your mission to get through your tower of books so you can justify filling two more bags at the library estate sale.

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    1. Your curiosity will be satisfied, I promise. And I was actually at the library this morning dropping off a return, and the 50-cent sale shelf caught my eye, but I didn’t find anything that jumped out as necessary for one of the more difficult challenge tasks, so I came home empty-handed. For once!

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