The End of the Year Wrap-Up: 2015!

I began the year with a partial draft of a novel that had taken over my waking thoughts and started invading my dreams.  I sat down on January 1st to start a new draft, one that I meant to finish.

I didn’t.  The POV choice I made wasn’t working, and I started over. Again.

Eventually, though (in March) I had a complete draft.

By May, I’d fed it through some lovely beta readers and had started revisions.

On June 15th, I started this blog, beginning my colonization of the Internet as a writer. Since then I’ve written 136 posts, though that five-day-a-week schedule I had in the beginning got difficult to maintain.  The Christmas blogging challenge aside, I think I’ve found my groove with the M/W/F plan and I intend to keep that up in the new year, with the occasional extra post as necessity dictates.

In August, I started keeping a journal, occasionally using prompts and posting the results on Tumblr. They’ve actually been some of my most popular posts, which is awesome, but still sort of strange to me.  But cool.  Strange and cool.

In September, I finished the final edit of the novel and started doing the nuts and bolts of the publishing work.

In October, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo in order to keep writing while I was still doing publishing stuff. In November, I did, and I won, and I plowed through to the end of the draft in the first week of December.

So in a single year, I’ve published one novel and finished the first draft of the next in the series.

Oh, and I’m on vacation right now, working on the first draft of #3. Three chapters in!

Guys, it’s been a hell of a year.

I’m so proud of myself that sometimes I can’t stop smiling.  (Some of that might also be because I got my first reviews, too.  I hadn’t been looking, because everyone says you shouldn’t look or you’ll get obsessed, but then, of all things, my mother told me while I was over for Christmas.  So I had to look.  And I’m thrilled.)

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it many more times, but thank you.  Everyone reading this, yes, you.  The support I have received from my blog readers and Tumblr buddies and the occasional Twitter peep has been so encouraging, and I’m grateful for it.

Keep reading, feel free to start conversations with me here or elsewhere (I’m all over the place!), and above all, keep being awesome and supportive people, because the world needs more people like you.

I wish everyone a most excellent New Year.


5 thoughts on “The End of the Year Wrap-Up: 2015!

  1. This sounds like an absolutely fantastic year for you, Elena! Congratulations! You should definitely be proud of all of the work you’ve done. Many people take a year, at least, to finish a novel, but it sounds like you really sat down and got to work, letting your determination take hold. Very well done! ^.^ I hope I can continue to support you in the year to come!

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  2. I loved reading this. Way to persevere through all the challenges of writing your novel. I know how hard that can be. Now I’m really curious to read your popular Tumblr posts. I haven’t quite developed a connection with Tumblr yet; mostly, it’s about not knowing where to start.

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    1. I am a diehard Tumblr devotee, I’m so much more comfortable there than Twitter or FB. A few months ago, a new-ish follower of mine lamented about much the same thing, not knowing where to start, so I whipped up a little something outlining how I use Tumblr, which might be of interest to you. And if it’s not, I understand, I’m sure Tumblr isn’t for everyone. I just geek out at having a stream of awesome content I can curate to show my love of books, writing, nerd stuff, with the occasional random bit of artwork or song or pics of adorable animals.


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