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Eve Messenger nominated me for the BookFangirling Blog Award!  Thanks, Eve! (And no, I didn’t forget!)


  • Create a post to accept your award.
  • Add the blog award button into your post and put it on the side of your blog as a widget. Visit fangirling for the award button.
  • Answer the questions I have below.
  • Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think also deserve this award.
  • Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees.

So, here goes.

What’s your favorite book genre, and why?

I’m torn between fantasy and romance, and honestly, most of my favorite (and most re-read) books are fantasy-romance hybrids.  I’ve always loved diving into a world that’s not my own, and love stories are so satisfying, so putting the two together is the fastest way to get me interested.

What’s your least favorite book genre, and why?

Mysteries.  Mysteries feel like a waste of time to me.  In my experience, either the “mystery” is so obvious I’ve got it figured out practically the second it’s set up, or it’s so impossible for me to solve that it doesn’t feel satisfying at the reveal–I just end up frustrated because it feels arbitrary and disconnected.

Ironically, I like watching mysteries, to some extent–I’m a fan of the BBC Sherlock series, and I’ve been known to watch police procedurals from time to time.  And House, which was essentially a medical mystery show cloaked in a soap opera drama.  I guess having the mystery presented and solved in an hour or two isn’t as frustrating to me as spinning it out over an entire novel.

If, as yourself, you could jump into any fictional world for a day, which would you choose and why?

This is a toughie, because my heart says the Potterverse, but I’m waaaay too old for Hogwarts, and that’s why I’d want to go.  I suppose I could pop by the Ministry for a bit and entertain Arthur Weasley with explanations of all his random Muggle artifacts!

What are your three favorite bookalicious Internet sites (blogs, Goodreads, Twitter accounts, Tumblr feeds, #bookstagram, etc.)?

I’m a Tumblr devotee through and through, so that’s one.  I follow about 100 people right now, mostly booklrs and a handful of authors, plus some fun non-bookish feeds like Wil Wheaton and hitRecord, which I love not so much for the calls to participate (though those are awesome) but for the quirky art it produces.  My own Tumblr is 90% books and writing, and the other 10% a mix of whatever I think is neat, pretty, or fun.

Second is definitely Goodreads.  I’ve been using it since June to track my reading, and I love that it’s essentially a giant book recommendation machine on top of its database function.  I’ve just joined a few groups in the last week or so, for the reading challenges I’m doing plus the new #readwomen monthly book club (we’re voting on the first selection right now!), so I’ll be getting into the more social aspects of it this year.

Third place definitely goes to blogs in general.  I’m slowly discovering more, and though I’m not committing to anything like the 365-comment challenge (pledging to comment on that many unique blogs during the year, ideally one a day) I do mean to read more (thanks for sharing your friends list, Eve, in your post the other day!) and definitely to comment more.  I feel pretty successful at interacting with commenters here (it’s rare I don’t reply to someone, though I admit I’ve probably missed a few here and there) but I could really do more commenting elsewhere.  Part of it is getting my name out there (selfish) but part of it is knowing that if I feel this good interacting with my readers, shouldn’t I spread the love more?

How do you decide which books to add to your TBR?

A lot of ways.  Is it something new by an author I already love? Probably going on the list.  An older work by an author I just discovered I love? On the list.

Beyond that, I add books after I see the author do an interview on The Daily Show (or the Colbert Report, when that was still around.) I read Modern Romance after Aziz Ansari was on, for example.  I add books I see booklrs fawning over on Tumblr (The Night Circus is coming up in my queue soon…)  I add books I pick up at book sales because they seemed interesting.  It’s a little more rare for me to add a book after I read a review of it, but it happens.  And yes, I will add books because they have pretty covers.  That’s why books have pretty covers!

So, my questions!

  1. Do you write in or otherwise mark your books up (sticky tabs or highlighting)?  If you do, why?
  2. What will make you put a book down without finishing it?
  3. Are you a movie-first or book-first person?  Or do you watch film/TV adaptations at all?
  4. Give me three books from your TBR and tell me why you’re excited to read them.
  5. What tropes or conventions do you think are overused in your favorite genre, and what would you like to see instead?

And my nominations:

Melanie Noell Bernard

Jen @ The Bookavid

Tina @ All These Prompts


12 thoughts on “BookFangirling Blog Award

  1. Loved. These. Answers. So. Much. I’ve been really wanting to get more into the bookish community at tumblr; now I have a good place to start with booklr–is that a hashtag? And, though I was previously on the fence about The Night Circus , I’m definitely adding it to my TBR now. Ha, I know I’m not tagged here (because I’ve already done this book tag), but I liked your questions so much and want to say that, in answer to “What will make you put a book down before finishing it?” I prefer to skim through an uninteresting book (and slow down at any parts that, hopefully, get better) rather than DNF, but on the rare occasions I completely stop reading a book, it’s totally an unconscious decision! As if I forget I’ve been reading the book at all, it ends up on the floor between my bed and the dresser or forgotten on a corner of a desk somewhere. Sorry for abandoning you, uninteresting books!


    1. Re: booklr, some people will tag their posts that, but it’s more that they self-identify their blogs as one, and we all refer to each other that way. But searching for “booklr” will certainly turn up people who blog about books.

      I will put down books for a few reasons, but if I can’t make it through the first page without cringing, it’s gone. If I get to the end of the first chapter and I don’t really care to know more about the characters, it’s gone. If the plot keeps me going at least halfway through, it’s likely I’ll finish, but like you said, if it starts to slow down, it might be a skimming finish.


  2. Oo! I love House! It’s an amazing show and appeals to my inner geek… or outer geek, I guess. :p Haha!

    Haha! You could totally go to Hogwarts. We’ll just make a night class for adults who’s Hogwarts letter got lost. Perfect! ^.^ *has it all planned out*

    Oh! You use tumblr. You must explain this to me. I’m tempted to join it to reach a broader audience of people for my blog/writing/etc. However, I don’t understand it in the slightest! You must tell me the ways of tumblr and all its secrets. :p *holds at sword point*

    Ah! I really want to get into the social aspects of Goodreads as well, but I don’t understand it! Goodness, for someone who’s technologically capable, I don’t understand any of these social media outlets.

    Lastly, thank you for nominating me! ^.^ I’m looking forward to answering these fun questions!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Also, I’m with you 100% on Harry Potter!

    And I wonder if adding a booklr to my list of social media endeavors would be worth it… There’s a lot I want to post about re: books that doesn’t fit on this blog, or the Tumblr prompts blog, and definitely not on the myth blog… Hmm.


      1. Tempting, tempting… XD (Also the ability to post book quotes, which isn’t always appropriate elsewhere…)


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