Is This How I Shelfie?

January Shelfie.JPG

…by ordering two new bookshelves for myself for Christmas to replace the single, falling-apart one that used to be on that wall, then spending an entire day putting them together and reorganizing my books, happy as a clam?

“Take a shelfie” is a task for the ReadsTheBooks 2016 Reading Challenge.  Done and done.

My book tower is finally off my nightstand and spread across the top two shelves! (Guarded faithfully by my stuffed okapi, among other critters.)

Shinn Shelf Closeup

And my Sharon Shinn collection takes up almost an entire shelf on its own.  If any author will ever achieve full-shelf status in my household, she’ll be the first.

I did use this opportunity to weed out some books I didn’t want anymore, adding to the pile I hadn’t yet donated from the pre-Christmas book purge of the living room shelves.  I took the whole lot to the library to donate yesterday.  I heaved the box onto the reception desk and one of the librarians came out of an office to greet me.  Once I established that these were donations, she immediately started picking through, and she gave me the widest smile.  “You gave us knitting books! And cookbooks! Oh, we’re going to have fun with this box.”  I couldn’t help smiling back, she was so excited.

On the way out, I checked the sale shelves in the vestibule, and found a copy of The Girl on the Train, which I hadn’t planned to read, but it was such a big book last year…I couldn’t pass it up for 50 cents. (It’s missing its dust jacket, but for that price, who cares?)  So then, since I had a dollar bill on me but no change for the cash box on the wall, I had to pick out another book, right?  So I scored Contact, too.

I’d say I shouldn’t be buying more books when I already have so many on the TBR shelves…but I donated a box!  That entitles me to a few more, right?


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