The End of the Month Wrap-Up: January 2016!

It’s been a productive month for me!

In January, I read 12 books, all for one of my three reading challenges and/or a book club selection.  (I know, you haven’t seen two of them yet, they’ll be on this Friday’s reading recap post.)

I went to the library once.  Only once, which is unusual for me, but I’m trying to read down The Book Tower.  I did have to pick up a book club selection for February, though, and I grabbed a few more things while I was there just because…

I wrote 34,177 words on my current novel draft, keeping up my 1k-a-day minimum.  My tentative goal, since it’s sitting at roughly half-done, is to finish it in February, which means going back to a NaNo-like pace of 1,667 words/day.  Which I can absolutely do, I did it for NaNo last year!

In addition, I wrote 8,820 words in blog posts.  (Shortest post: 247 words. Longest post: 1,406 words.)  I hadn’t been tracking that before, but I decided to start, because this is writing, too!

In non-literary accomplishments, I started a resistance-band workout program as soon as I got home from vacation, and have done it 3x/week the whole month.  Since I can’t run in the winter without risking the health and safety of my poor feet (I am not breaking my ankle because I decided running on ice was a good idea) I walk instead, and I took at least a half-hour walk every day I wasn’t doing my strength training.  I do look forward to spring, though, when I can start running again!

So that’s my January.  Anybody else feel proud of themselves for what they got done last month?  What did you accomplish?


3 thoughts on “The End of the Month Wrap-Up: January 2016!

  1. 12 books?! Goodness gracious! I honestly must be the only person who only reads like 2-3 a month. >.> *this is my punishment for not liking reading as a child* *Sigh*

    Oo! Tracking blog posts is a great idea! Though, I don’t think I’d be able to do that. *side-glances at giant pile of pre-written blog posts* Yeah… that’ll never happen. :/ Oh well! HAha!

    Oh man! I wish it was warm enough to even go outside, much less walk. IT’s been so bitter cold where I’m at this winter that you can’t step outside in full-dress. The wind just cuts right through it! *but I love the cold* :p *is a freak* Hee hee!

    Congrats on your wonderfully accomplished January! Let’s hope Feb is the same!

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    1. I’m a crazy-fast reader, and honestly, most of my free time this month has been spent reading, after I finish my writing for the day. And one of those twelve books was only 56 pages…so, you know, that didn’t take long.
      As for the walking, I am a child of cold climates, so I’ll walk in anything less than a full blizzard, but we’re actually having a warm winter this year. Yesterday practically felt like spring! I’m hoping it’s as nice today. And you’re not a freak, I also love the cold. Summer is my least favorite season, because I hate feeling hot and sticky.

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      1. Haha! I am not a fast reader. :p Probably because I developed a love for reading later in life and didn’t develop my reading skill very well. Oh well. I still enjoy books. It just takes me longer, but I so didn’t have time to read this month. Way too much traveling and what not.

        Haha! I love the cold, but wind is something I cannot stand. Wind is just brutal. It can be -10 without wind I’m fine, but if it’s 20 with wind: Nope! Not doin’ it.
        I also don’t like the summer for your reasons and also because I have to constantly wear sunscreen. -.- *is super pale* *and likes it*

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