Elena Gets Organized

I said I was going to, so here you go.

All my Prompts posts (Prompt-only posts plus two of my Tropes series that snuck in–they’re sort of like prompts?)

Things I’ve Read (which encompasses my new Reading Challenges posts, plus my older Currently Reading and Books I’ve Just Finished, which got taken over by the challenge posts)

Writing Prompt Responses (My flash fiction pieces, my old Writing Prompt Roundup series from when I was doing a prompt a day on Tumblr and collecting them every week, and my hare-brained scheme of a writing-prompt-based serial, Grace and the Greek Warrior)

Editing Notes (a whole bunch of articles I wrote during the editing process of my first novel, about problems I encountered and the solutions I came up with–expect more of these in the next few months, when I tackle editing #2)

Let Me Tell You a Story (posts about all sorts of stuff in my life that I mostly manage to relate back to writing)

What We Need to Survive (the catch-all for everything about my first novel: pre-production stuff, the announcement, the release post, the first chapter, and so on; plus, apparently, some posts about the sequels! I’ve been sloppy with this one, I’ll clean it up when I talk more about #2 and #3)

Writing Resources (the catch-all for both stuff I’ve written on writing, like the prompts and tropes posts, plus extra Resources posts about websites I find helpful–also needs cleaning up, as I think some prompts and tropes posts are missing.)

I’m pretty sure that covers all my major post series. I’ll come back and add if I realized I missed anything!




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