This Week, I Read… (#8)

20 - Paradise

#20 – Paradise, by Toni Morrison

  • Read: 2/18/16 – 2/23/16
  • Provenance: Owned (hardcover)
  • Challenge: PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge
  • Task: A book from Oprah’s Book Club
  • Rating: 2/5 stars

I found myself finished with The Night Circus early in the day on the 18th, and Tumblr had informed me repeatedly that it was Toni Morrison’s birthday, so it seemed obvious that I had to dive into my first read from her.  (I’ve been meaning to read Beloved forever, but I found Paradise at the library book sale, so that’s where I’m starting.)

Too bad it took me five days to read half this book, before giving up. Morrison’s imagery is beautiful, her settings described brilliantly to the point where it really was a movie in my head.

The slowest-paced movie ever.  Whenever a new character is introduced, there’s anywhere from one to three pages of backstory detailing their relationship to everyone else introduced so far, and probably some that haven’t been but will be checked in with later. Then the “action” happens, which is to say, a conversation, or maybe someone walking around their kitchen or something.

The book opens with a tense and mysterious inciting incident, and I was hooked, completely ready to find out what led up to it. But I expected things to happen, not just an endless series of character studies dealing with small-town gossip and drama.

If anyone else has read this, did I quit too soon?  Does it pay off, in the end?  Because I thought about skimming the rest, but the actual meat of the story is so hard to find, I was afraid I’d miss it and be confused.

(Of course, on one level, I didn’t quit too soon, because time is too precious to spend on books that don’t grab you, and this grabbed me, then let go almost immediately.)

21 - The Dom Who Loved Me

#21 – The Dom Who Loved Me, by Lexi Blake

After the last book, I decided it was time for something fluffier.  I’d picked up a free “box” set of the first three books in Lexi Blake’s Masters and Mercenaries series, despite not being a huge fan of romance/suspense sub-genre.  Free is a good time to give anything a try, right?

I was surprised how much I liked this.  The characters are well-crafted, and the romance plot is solid, though I don’t really feel qualified to judge the suspense plot as well because this is my first real dip in the pool–it seemed on the weak side to me, but that might be my unfamiliarity showing.  It wasn’t so bad that it made me put the book down.

As for the somewhat cheesy title and rating it on the BDSM aspects of the romance, this is definitely on the lighter side.  Not that that’s bad, just that I expected a little more, with “Dom” right there in the title.

I will definitely read the other two books in the series I already have, but we’ll see when I’m done with those if I want to continue past them.



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