The End of the Month Wrap-Up: February 2016!

This month, I read eleven books.  I could really slow down, except that I’m having so much fun with the reading challenges, so I don’t really feel like I need to.  Yet.

I imagine I’ll be reading less next month, when I start the first rewrite of What We Need to Decide. The first draft came about in one hell of a hurry during NaNoWriMo last year, and I set it aside to stew while I drafted book #3.

Which I finished this month.  It turned out a little shorter than I wanted it to, but I’m confident that problem will fix itself during its first rewrite.  I always end up needing more scenes than I started with, so my drafts grow in that phase, then get pruned back later.

On that note, I wrote 26,407 words on the book #3 draft, 6,175 words on blog posts, and 6,980 words on other projects. Not too shabby.

I’ve been to the library twice, though I’m headed there tomorrow–isn’t that always what happens?  But they’re holding two books for me, and it’s torture not going to pick them up, knowing they’re just there on the shelf waiting for me.

In non-literary accomplishments, I’ve started a sourdough starter so I can get back into making my own bread.  I tried years ago after a trip to San Francisco, where of course I went to Boudin and had the good stuff.  (Chili in a sourdough bread bowl for lunch before we did the Alcatraz tour!)  But I got out of the habit after a few weeks, then my starter went funky, and I gave it up.

I was inspired to try again after watching the Cooked mini-series on Netflix–the third episode is entirely about bread-making, and I went out this weekend to the thrift store to see if I could score a stone crock to house a new starter.  I came home with two ’70s-era glass sugar/flour canisters instead, but hey, that works too, and having a spare means I can transfer from one to the other when the sides start to get crusty.

In home-baker tradition, every sourdough starter needs to have a name, and since today I saw the first signs of life in my jar (wee little bubbles, yay!), her name is now Beatrice.  I promise if Beatrice helps me make some good bread, I’ll show it off!


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