This Week, I Read… (#9)

22 - Comedies of Moliere

#22 – Comedies of Molière selected by John Gassner

I adore this book.  Not just the contents, though those are great, too–I laughed my ass off at The Romantic Ladies and The Misanthrope, which were by far my favorite plays of the bunch.

I adore the book itself.  It’s old, and it has that lovely old-book smell.  Yes, the corners of the cover are bent. Yes, the pages are browning and water-damaged. But that just means it has character.  I picked this up at the December library book sale specifically for this task, because I don’t have a lot of satire just lying around the house, and when I was browsing the “old books” section (yes, there was a section specifically for old books, which I thought was charming) I found this and presto! I now love Molière.

23 - The Men with the Golden Cuffs

#23 – The Men with the Golden Cuffs, by Lexi Blake

  • Read: 2/27/16 – 2/28/16
  • Provenance: Owned (ebook)
  • Challenge: PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge
  • Task: A book with a protagonist who has your occupation
  • Rating: 4/5 stars

I stumbled into this task at the end of the first book in the Masters and Mercenaries series, when out of curiosity I read the blurb for the second novel in the bundle.  The main character, Serena, is not just a writer, but a romance writer.  What luck!

I hadn’t picked out a book yet for this task, but I knew, if all else failed, I could read Misery by Stephen King–I’ve seen the movie and had always meant to read the book, too.  I haven’t crossed “a horror book” off the list yet, though, so maybe I still will.

Anyway, about this book.  I enjoyed it more than The Dom Who Loved Me (which I read last week), probably because I felt like the characters had a better dynamic, and the suspense plot (Serena being stalked by an apparently crazed fan) was more believable to me.  It’s kind of rare for me to like the second book in a direct-sequel series more than the first, so chalk one up for this series.  I’ll keep reading.

24 - Confessions of a Comma Queen

#24 – Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen, by Mary Norris

Blech. I realize humor is subjective, but who finds endless name-dropping anecdotes and dry, tedious explanations of common punctuation mishaps funny? Especially when they’re sometimes pages long?

I am a language nerd and I love books about words. (I could read Bill Bryson every day, my introduction to his works was The Mother Tongue, now that book is funny.) So I was looking forward to this book, passed along by my mother, who thought it was cute.

She told me if I liked it, I could keep it.  Well, she’s getting it back. I kept reading until the end because I never quite gave up hope either that the next chapter would be funnier, or that it might actually teach me something I didn’t already know grammar- or punctuation-wise. But neither happened. I never laughed, as the back-cover copy promised I would–I hardly cracked a smile once.  Do not recommend.



2 thoughts on “This Week, I Read… (#9)

  1. “She told me if I liked it, I could keep it. Well, she’s getting it back.” That’s probably my favorite line in a review I’ve read recently.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So, funny story, I had to call my mother yesterday for something totally unrelated, and as soon as we settled that, she told me she’d just read my post, and that she thought the book wasn’t all that funny either. But I am a serious language nerd, so maybe she thought I’d like it better? My mom and I do have pretty different tastes, so I don’t hold it against her. 😀


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