The End of the Month Wrap-Up: March 2016!

I’ll start this with a confession: I’m not reporting word counts this month. I have been (re)writing, but a handful of pressing non-writing issues, plus some spells of me being ill, have left a sour taste in my mouth about what I wanted to get done vs. what I actually got done.

I am occasionally guilty of being too hard on myself, so we’re nipping this guilt trip in the bud by skipping it entirely.

On to the good news! This month I went to the library twice, and read nine books. Two of them were terrible and ended up as DNFs, but one (Welcome to Night Vale) was a five-star read, one of my favorites so far this year.

Also, I turned a profit on What We Need to Survive! It’s not much (yet) and I don’t actually have the profits themselves because royalties take time to make their winding way into my pockets, but the numbers are there–I’ve recouped my investment. The goal was (ideally, with crossed fingers) to break even before the next book came out.

And here I am, in the middle of the first revision, and I’m there already!

In big part, it’s thanks to this list going around Tumblr for the #readselfpublished movement–not nearly as big as #readwomen became, but all the same, it’s amazing that so many people want to give independent authors a try. I asked to be added to the list, and sales came trickling in, slow at first, then faster. (I don’t talk much about my sales, because I’d rather be handing out book recs or offering writing advice or venting literary frustration, but after the first rush of the release faded, I could go days without selling a copy, no matter what self-marketing I did. Now it’s been more than a month since I haven’t sold at least a copy a day, and usually several. My record is six, I’ve hit it a few times but never quite gotten to seven…needless to say, I’m thrilled.)

I encourage my readers to check out the list and see if anything catches your eye–April is the #readselfpublished month, and I’ll be reading (and reviewing, of course) at least one or two indie books myself to contribute. After all that little list has done for me, the least I can do is pass it along so more people can see it!


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