From My Art Journal #3


Recognize this? No? It used to be this:


Am I terrible that half the reason I moved The Girl on the Train up my TBR was because I suspected I wouldn’t like it, and I wanted to make an altered book journal? Over the weekend, I covered that baby with fabric and started playing around with my art supplies.

(Also, man, I haven’t done one of these in forever. If forever is five months. I meant to keep going in my old art journal, but honestly, the pages were too big. It felt like it took forever to finish one. This new journal’s a friendlier size for me.)


The inside cover is an ink doodle inside the ribbon I used to cover the raw edges of the fabric; the first page is crayon and ink with fabric insets.


Sheer fabric insets, and you can see from the crayon texture where the edges of the fabric pieces are on the back of the page. Learning experience #1: Color first, glue second. (Also have a sneak peek at the sparklies on the next page!)


I liked the design of the title page, with those strong horizontal lines, so I blacked out the text with ink and kept the page, sewing vertical triplets of sequins onto it and doodling some more.


So sparkly.


My first “found” poem, by which I mean I plucked a silly sentence out of the words available. I’m still getting the hang of my brush-tip markers, so it’s sloppy, and I’m not sure why exactly this ended up a jellyfish, but when the muse hits you…


And today’s page, which is my favorite so far. First I covered the text with a thin layer of white acrylic to obscure it and brushed more randomly across the page. Then I re-lettered the words I wanted in red ink. Then came the paisley-esque designs in marker.


Also, Learning Experience #2: I might want to invest in finer pens, since the type is small.

I know it’s hard to see in the photo, but the marker didn’t absorb through the paint in the same way as it did on the plain paper, so there’s a subtle shift in the reds throughout the design. I like this technique and plan to experiment further!

Of course, as fun as my art-therapy weekend was, I should be writing. Back to that.


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