The Great Reading Slump of ‘016

You know that feeling when you’re craving a book to read that you don’t actually have, so you can’t focus on anything else?

That’s me right now.

The Raven King was released yesterday, and I preordered it, and it isn’t here yet. (I suppose it could conceivably show up later this afternoon, but in all likelihood it will be tomorrow.)

I finished my most recent read on Saturday and had every intention of squeezing in another book for my reading challenges before TRK showed up, but I can’t do it. I pick it up, and I want to read it, and I get ten pages into it, and it’s terrible.

I browsed for a few new free romances on my Kindle, and gave those a try, figuring if I liked one enough to finish it, I’ve still got “Read an ebook” to cross off for a challenge–but no, they couldn’t hold my attention either.

For me, five days without real reading is definitely a slump.

So my plan is read TRK (which will work for the challenges for “Read a YA bestseller”, because we all know it is even before the sales numbers show up), then tackle the two books I have from the library, then dig back into my TBR shelf. I’ve got a plan for that, too–more on that soon, once I’m free from the slump.

It’s a good plan. I think you’ll all like it.


2 thoughts on “The Great Reading Slump of ‘016

  1. I feel you. I ended up borrowing a friend’s copy of TRK because mine was still somewhere in Chicago when I checked the tracking system and I caught myself trying to find the longest sneak peek on the ebook stores instead of reading something else. I hope yours arrives soon ❤

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