The End of the Month Wrap-Up: April 2016!

Oh, April.

I don’t have a solid word count for April, because rewriting is such a different process from pounding out the first draft. I’ve revised over 60K, but of course, a lot of those words I had to begin with.

I am currently in the middle of Chapter 31, and the final chapter is 37. At the rate I’ve been going since I got over the hump, I should have the first rewrite done this week, which is the goal, because I’ve got a mini-vacation next week. (During which I will not be posting–I’ll be back with my book reviews on Friday. Heads up.)

Once I’ve had my fun, it’s on to the technical edit–proofreading and excising filler and handling word repetition and all the other nitty-gritty I happen to love. Technical editing is almost relaxing to me. Thank you, Mr. Vonalt, for making me memorize the 29 rules for proper comma usage.

(Remind me to Let Me Tell You that story later. It’s a good one.)

When I just couldn’t bear to look at that project any longer, I added scenes to backburnered WIPs, to the tune of about 5K across all of them. One of them refuses to leave my head, so I imagine it will grow scene by scene while I’m taking a break from the What We Need series, and it might very well end up being my next major project–too early to say for sure, but it has definitely sunk its claws in.

As for reading, I got in six books this past month. For a lot of people, that would be fantastic, but guys, you know me. I regularly read 9-12 books a month. I hit a slump.

But I polished off The Raven King this morning and I’m happy to say I’m past it already.

I have a new plan for tackling my reading challenges which I will share on Wednesday, and in general, May’s looking like it’s going to be a lovely, productive month.


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