My TBR Jar


As promised, I have a new plan for tackling my reading challenges.

I’ve already read 39 books out of my 93 challenge tasks. I made a list of all the remaining tasks, then compared it to my physical TBR collection (as opposed to my MASSIVELY larger Goodreads list, which includes tons of books I don’t own.)

I came up with 21 titles that match tasks still to do.

I’ve seen plenty of TBR jars filled with folded bits of brightly colored paper, but all I had handy were some spare pages from my art journal I excised to make room for all the stuff I was adding.

And I’ve always wanted to learn to make origami stars. I’m sure you see where this is going.


I wrote the title of the book on the inside of the strip before I started folding. Each star is a book, and when I need something to read, I’ll draw a star!

Of course, I still have two library books out (due the 16th), so I’ll only start after I get those out of the way.

And I have extra incentive not to waffle about which book to read, because I discovered Thriftbooks gives birthday discount coupons to their loyalty program members. (Don’t know Thriftbooks? I reviewed my first experience with them here.) My birthday is later this month, so if I clear some space on my shelves, I can get some new (used) books . . .

I happened to be bemoaning the state of my TBR shelf and its overflowingness to my husband, and he gave me a concrete goal: If I clear seven books off the shelf, then I can buy more.

I can do that by the end of the month, right? Of course I can. No more reading slump here!


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