The Neverending Struggle to Decide Which Books to Buy


I’m not quite ready to place my birthday Thriftbooks order–I’m only at 4/7 books cleared out, as per my husband’s decree, though it’s likely I’ll add #5 today.

But I’ve spent some time putting together a wishlist there, and it’s long, as all my book lists inevitably become.

I’m 100% sure I will be purchasing On Writing, because it is, by far, the most-recommended book on the subject I’ve ever seen. And I love Stephen King.

As for the rest…?

I’m of several minds. (Between the discount coupon and the free-shipping minimum, it’s likely I’ll be getting 5-7 books, as the ones I’m looking at are mostly in the $3-5 range.)

I also love Guy Gavriel Kay (have you read Tigana? Read it.) so I’m eyeing the three books of the Fionavar Tapestry. That’s where my plan originally hatched–I was checking my Goodreads TBR, which starts with all the Kay books I haven’t read yet.

But I’m also wondering if this would be a great time to pick up first books in series I’m interested in–Leviathan Wakes, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Garden Spells, and so on.

On the other hand, there’s also series I have but aren’t complete yet! I’m still missing two books from The Dark Tower, because they’ve all been plucked up secondhand at used book sales, and I don’t have the two most recent books in the Sevenwaters series, which I read ages ago when it was just a trilogy, but then Marillier (bless her!) wrote more.

To some extent, of course, it will depend on what’s available when I place the order–I noticed several books on my list currently out of stock–but does anyone want to throw their two cents in? Have you read any of these and want to push me one direction or another? Have any more first-book-in-an-awesome-series for me to add to my list?


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