The End of the Month Wrap-Up: May 2016!

Hooray for May!

When the month began, I was six chapters away from finishing the rewrite for What We Need to Decide. As of yesterday, I have finished the line-edit draft as well and fired it off to my circle of beta readers.

They’ve got all of June to tear it to pieces for me, and pending their (dis)approval, July will see me either work out minor kinks and start the publishing process, or sit down to rewrite the whole thing again.

Cross your fingers for me, lovelies, because I would be thrilled to have WWNTD out by the end of the summer. (This is why I don’t announce release dates too far in advance. I’d rather make my readers wait a month or two longer for a better book, than rush to get something out when I said I would.)

In the meantime, I’ve got a different first draft to rewrite, and maybe a video game or two to play.

In other news, I read 11 books in May. That’s great, except I bought 15.

My TBR Jar is working wonders at keeping me motivated on my reading challenges–drawing stars and getting surprised is fun. Later this year, when I’ve finished the challenges, I intend to refill the jar with all my owned-but-unread books.

ETA: And this is my 200th post!


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