Book Ban? What Book Ban?

June FOL book sale 1

There was a huge book sale at the main county library on Saturday. I went.

June FOL book sale 2

The garage was filled with rows of shelves just like this, plus tables in between and near the doors, which were open so the place didn’t turn into an oven. (It was in the 90s that day–thankfully, it’s cooled off since.)

June FOL haul

And the 23 books I brought home for a whopping $4. Fourteen of them by female authors, go #readwomen summer!

This trip got me a lot of less-famous books by famous authors (note my three Paulo Coelho works, none of which manages to be The Alchemist), a few books by authors I’ve read before and know I love (Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, and Lisa See), a few orphans from series by authors I want to try (Mercedes Lackey and Trudi Canavan), and a smattering of books I hear about often and should probably take a stab at (The Secret History and Middlesex). Plus, of course, things that looked interesting on their own.

Now, for realsies, it’s time for a book-buying ban. I intend to hold out until I’ve finished my three reading challenges–I’m currently at 59/93 across the board, and within striking distance of finishing the BookRiot challenge first. I know there’s one book yet to be released I intend to buy, but it’s for the challenge; beyond that, I’ve got to read what I have and borrow from the library.

Have any of you lovely readers imposed a book ban on yourselves before? How did it go?


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